Authoritative, engaging copy is now more important than ever when presenting your business to the world.

As a business owner you’re expected to live and breathe your market sector: this means effusive writing, exhaustive research, and long hours on social media for all those likes, retweets and comments that add to your credibility.

That takes time, and it takes talent. Presenting yourself while talking over requirements on the phone is very different from introducing yourself in the much colder medium of the written word. It’s very different, and it’s difficult – but it’s critical.


Writing is just a skill, like any other. A skilled writer will manage the public relations aspect of your business, and make sure your online presence is continually refreshed with new content that excites interest and draws focus on your business.

There’s another aspect of copy writing that’s crucial, but that you may not have considered. Google (which, let’s face it, is the western world’s search directory – sorry, Bing) bases its search engine rankings on, among other things, a decent word count on your website.

Copy isn’t just fluff. Think of it as a shiny, inviting shop window. It says, “I don’t simply perform a service: I care about it, I’m passionate about it, and I’m aware of how much it matters that you appreciate my work.”
When your shop window is only as clean as the screen your prospects are seeing, they need to be impressed by what you have to say for yourself.
This is where we come in.
GenUWin Leads not only boasts an in-house team of copywriters that will communicate what you do, in language that your customer base can recognise and relate to; it will also make sure your website is regularly updated with new content that generates interest around your work.
Every new client and every finished job can be leveraged by talented content creators in the form of press releases, website updates and interviews. Our copywriters are university-educated boffins that sit around in cafes – not the sort of people you may want to talk to, but certainly the sort you’ll want to write for you.
We take care of the nuts and bolts. We’ll research both your industry, your competitors, and the latest trends in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to make sure that your web content is not only interesting, but efficient. It’ll employ key search terms in suitable numbers to pique Google’s interest, while retaining a warm, natural style that’ll win your prospects over.
Every job you finish should be the chance to win another. It’s your chance to show people just how good you are. But to do that, you need more than a few words on social media: you need photos, videos, press releases; but it all needs to be scripted, by wordsmiths who can to present you to the world.
You’ve just finished a great piece of work: so let people know. Get two bites at the cherry, by using GenUWin Leads to shine the best light on your business.

Online Strategies Are an Admin Burden

Creating a site is one thing but getting that site seen by potential customers is often a severe admin burden for businesses.

Let us relieve you of the online admin burden so you can do what you do best, serving your customers!